When home-internet revolutionised the UK, it was powered by the copper cables initially installed in the 1800s to facilitate telephone calls.

Although this ADSL connection was appropriate for the time, the progression of the digital world has quickly rendered this slow, struggling-to-cope service as outdated.

Most homes and businesses in the UK are currently connected by FTTC (fibre to the cabinet). Though your current connection may have been sold to you as ‘fibre’, it is most likely that yours is a FTTC connection. These networks only use fibre for the connection between your local cabinet and the exchange. They struggle to cope with the high demand of internet usage these days resulting in the end user experiencing a low, unreliable and frustrating connection. Copper connects your home to your local cabinet, shown here:

The networks we build are FTTP (fibre to the premise), also known as full fibre. Our networks connect using fibre cabling all the way from the exchange, through your community’s cabinet and finally to your home or business.

As FTTP networks are gigabit capable, they will cater to your twenty-first century needs and service generations to come.

To find out how you can get a full fibre network, register your details with FACTCO. They’re the internet service provider who run the network after we build it.

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