Full fibre broadband is live in Darras Hall!


Over 400 properties in Darras Hall now have access to full fibre broadband, the UK’s newest, fastest, most reliable broadband technology.

RuralFibre4U Build Manager, Davy Fullerton, has been working closely with internet service provider, FACTCO, to bring full fibre to life in Darras Hall.

Davy said: “The team and I were on site for about eight months in total. There were certainly ups and downs, as there is with any build, but we made it and I’m proud of the team for seeing it through to the end.”

Mr Charles Laidlaw is one of the many residents now connected to FACTCO’s full fibre broadband.

Mr Laidlaw said: “The speeds I had before were just shocking to be honest, it kept dropping out which was always embarrassing during Teams meetings when working from home.”

“The connection we have now with FACTCO is chalk and cheese, we were only getting about 30 – 30 Mbps for download and half that for upload, now we’re averaging at 300 Mbps.

“The guys who came to install it did a great job, they even worked in the rain!”

If you’d like to get connected to this network, please contact our internet service provider partner, FACTCO. You can reach them on 0333 305 7560 or hello@factco.co.uk.


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